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Review – Jupiter Ascending

Just watched Jupiter Ascending. Surprisingly disappointed with the Wachowski brothers.

Jupiter Ascending and Matrix are the same film. Let me explain.


Main antagonist lives on Earth with a constant questioning of their lives, only to find out there’s a much bigger world out there with an evil force plotting to use the entire human race as their energy source. Antagonist finds out about their true power and uses it to save their favourite planet.

Jupiter / Neo: Main antagonist. Leaves behind their earthling entity and take on a new entity with much more power, thus use their newly gained power to save their planet. Gets attracted to their protector first.
Caine / Trinity: Comes to Earth to save the main antagonist. Shows them what the real world is. Protects the main antagonist at all costs, to the point where they are willing to sacrifice their lives. Is later revealed to also be attracted to the main antagonist.
Stringer / Morpheus: Works as superior officer to the main protector. Provides resources and helps.
Balem / Agent Smith: Representative and face of the main evil force. Wants to kill the antagonist and unwilling and unable to accept defeat.
Matrix / Enterprise: Some sort of evil force behind the story looking to harvest humans for its own survival
Humans: Energy source (in forms of youth serum and battery)

Come on Wachowski brothers. Have a little more imagination and not regurgitate what you previously created. We are not idiots.