Monthly Archives: August 2009

Kill me, kill me now. I lost the will to live. 


How many times can a person’s heart be broken? How many times can you hurt me before my heart dies?

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be scared.
For better or worse, we did fall deeply in love.
We might have said or done some stupid things. 
We have definitely done somethings which hurt each other. 
But fear not. 
What happened is the past.
I am ready to give the relationship another try.
This time, I’ve grown and you’ve grown.
Things which used to make us argue and upset no more.
If you do come back to me, I am never letting you go.
I love you.
I’ve always loved you.
I never stopped loving you.
Sometimes I try very hard to stop telling you this.
I am afraid that might tick you off and make you mad.
I already lost you as a lover. 
I don’t know what I would become if I lost you forever.
Love is more than just a word.
Love is a verb, a noun and a full time job.
I had things in the wrong priority before, but not anymore.
You will be my little princess. 
You have always been important to me.
Only this time, I will make sure you get the message.

Happy…. “13” month anniversary…

IMG_0230 IMG_0232

IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0184


I’m sorry….but I still love you loads.

Nothing can stop me from loving you. 
Nothing can change that fact.
I am sorry.

How does one define a “good” boyfriend?

Not that he has to be handsome
Not that he has to be rich
Not that he has to be tall and strong
Of course the handsome bit helps
Of course if he’s rich he can take care of his future wife
Of course the strongness can help protect his girlfriend
BUT most of all,
he has to care about his girlfriend and love her unconditionally.
He has to make sure his girlfriend is always happy and in love.
He has to make sure his girlfriend is never upset about anything.
That’s all you need from a good boyfriend.
Too bad I didn’t realise that 4 months earlier…