I am a bit happier today.

Jess Yeung, take those photos down.

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  1. I am taking them down after I comment on this.I don’t know whether you have the right to be angry at me really, all I have been doing is help you.I want you to forget her, and I am very sure that I am not the only one who wants that to happen.She has moved on, maybe it is your turn to do so too. Please, stop wasting your time.Jonathon, you tell me that I have changed, but have you thought about yourself? You really are not the guy I met a few years ago, why can’t you go back to how you were, you were a much nicer person then….If our friendship has ended just because of some stupid photos that a expressing a different perspective, then I can pretty much say we had no friendship at all..Through all those times, the laughter and my tears of when Tim broke up with me, I can say that you really did play a very big part in my life, and I thank you for it. You told me off, you shouted at me, you made him sound like a bad guy, and I know it was all for a very good reason.Thank you.But now maybe it is my turn to forget all of this and pretend I never met you at all. She has ruined our friendship, and well, if you are still determined to take the action in breaking this friendship up, then let it be.Goodbye Jonathon Tam.

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