I thought I was ready for a long term relationship.

I thought I was ready for someone to be permanently in my life.
I thought I was ready to offer my partner a perfect married life.
I thought I was a nice guy.
I thought the world was cheerful and colourful.
I was wrong.
I am back in square one.
I am back in where I was a year ago.
No, I am so far behind where I was.
At least a year ago, I was still ready to love someone.

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  1. 你好似仲灰:Snice to meet you, and I hope you are ok

  2. @strinx_feli – @strinx_feli –  Nice to meet you too. 我驚Ellie又鬧我架啦…. ><灰? You have no idea…前幾日差d死左…5日冇訓覺, 又冇食野, 日日淨飲咖啡同Whisky…之前仲有少少心律失常, 係屋企差d暈左…我真係好愛佢, 但…因為2/3個月要溫書同做project, 冇時間陪佢同照顧佢, 咁就冇左lu…唉….

  3. rE:;嘜我識你架咩-.-?我xG係跟香港時間,所以咪會咁囉.

  4. @witty_yu –  哈哈唔識架. 咁岩係blogring見到你咪留低句路過囉~你今晚飛呀? 幾點邊班機呀?

  5. 哈哈-v-里排都懶得on嘛 , 我應該返到hk會on多d架喇

  6. 你仲未返去咩?? 我以為你走左既?我今晚飛lu

  7. hey long time no talk hope you still remember me…lolcheer up! (;you have us around!stephanie

  8. @ztephie –  of coz I rrmener you la. Have more faith in me. But I love her so much. I did, I do and I will continue to love her. I don’t care if I have to wait years before she would just start talking to me again. This glimpse of hope is the only reason which keeps me alive. I don’t want to move on. I don’t want anyone else but her! 😦 but she won’t listen and won’t understand…

  9. hahahahh i am glad (: but i somehow lost you on facebook.. or you dont use it anymore? are you back in hk or what?hai..why so 執著?”經過一切痛苦,為何還要執著?”執著,帶給你,帶給我,只是痛苦和尷尬為何明知機會率比零低,我還要執著?為何完全不可能的事,我還要幻想?唯一的解釋:我還喜歡你,我不能不想念你 執著,帶來痛苦放棄,帶來自由,及更大的痛苦我怕痛,所以我選擇執著

  10. @ztephie – 執著, 也是一種堅持每個人在人前人後, 總有自己要堅持的信念假若什麼都可以放棄, 那麼堅持的信念就應當最後才放棄在幻變的世界中, 只有堅守信念才不隨波逐流失戀的痛苦, 証明了愛有多深.若分手後沒有痛苦, 那麼大概所謂的愛也是一種膚淺的喜歡在沒有後路,亦看不見明天的地方等待及依戀,是唯一能令自己好過一點的行為

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