1. Why does Skynet try to kill Kyle Reese? It shouldn’t know that Kyle is John’s father right?

Note: All references to previous movies are now done via the use of respective years.

Answer to yes:
In the film, there was no specific points on WHY skynet wants to kill Kyle. We all fans knew Kyle is John’s father, therefore we made the assumption that Skynet knows.
However this is an INSUFFICIENT reason to justify this. A more logical explanation is:

Cyberdyne Systems acquired an advanced chip from T-800 back in 1984. Even the chief engineer Miles Dyson doesn’t know (assumption 1). However there are readily available information for skynet to put the story all together:
i. Sarah Connor said in Pescadero that she crushed a terminator in a factory. (hence explaining where the chip came from)
ii. Sarah Connor also told Dr. Silberman the entire story that Kyle told her. (hence explaining why the terminator came)
iii. Kyle Reese filled in the gaps by telling the police everything in the police station in 1984.

Through this (assumption 2) skynet puts together all the missing pieces to deduce that:

Somewhere along the timeline a guy John Connor would lead the resistance to victory
Skynet would ultimately send a terminator back in time to terminate Sarah Connor
A resistance member named “Kyle Reese” was sent back in time
The terminator in 1984 failed its mission

Therefore, the existence of Kyle Reese resulted in the mission failure.

So, killing Kyle Reese would give the terminator in 1984 a much higher chance to terminate Sarah Connor, thus preventing John Connor from leading the resistance (This does NOT mean that John Connor is of any real importance to the resistance nor a real threat to Skynet in 2018). It simply means the Skynet in 2018 took available information from pre-Judgment day to compile the kill list.

Therefore, it is wrong to make the assumption on WHY Skynet wants to kill both Kyle Reese and John Connor in 2018. The charisma act put forth by John Cononr completes the circle of when John Connor becomes important in the later future. (Because the chief in command generals are killed in the submarine, and John Connor successfully won trust among the resistance)

1. Miles Dyson did not lie to T-800 in 1991.
2. Skynet has readily available access to pre-Judgment Day information (including suspects footages)

An answer to No I guess people all know but I’ll try to put this here too:
1. In 1991, police records indicated that John Connor’s birth father was “unknown”
2. Most pre-Judgment day information was lost. So certain information regarding how Sarah Connor told people about John’s real father might have been lost (although this directly violates assumption 2 above).

From this, it depends on what you believe, and either way has a valid reasoning. I’d assume the first one makes more sense.

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