Have been watching Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles for a while. Some thoughts / movie mistakes here:

Episode 1:
1. The terminator was kind of “lying down” on the bed until the name “Sarah Connor” turns up on the computer. As a proper termintor he would have stormed into the police station looking for that info, or just go through the phonebook like Arnold did in the first one. But in either case a real terminator would never just lie down and wait. It’s too inefficient.
2. Apparently that Cameron model can eat….that’s way out of control as a terminator.
3. When she puts the electrical wire in the other terminator’s neck it was shut down. She said 120 seconds before system reboots. Now that means she has 2 minutes to completely DESTROY that terminator. So why would she run away? (according to the second episode she is a new and unknown model and the old ones were “afraid” of her. I can only presume she has the ability to destroy it? If so she is strong but not smart)

Episode 2:
1. Well even more problems arose here. The terminator from the first episode took some sort of electromagnetic shock at the end and kind of travelled through time with the crew. At the end of Episode 1 we can see that the head was detached from the body, and from the beginning of the second episode the head loses its skin. Presumably time travel doesn’t rip off your skin the skin must have been burnt off by the shock. So technically only the body (with flesh still attached) should go through and the head should remain. Yet both travelled through time. SO…time travel has been cracked?
2. The terminator loses its head and still able to find it back? What the hell is that? First of all the episode indicates that the head has some sort of tracking device. Second of all it also indicates the body has visual abilities? Thirdly, the head should not have power (presumably the primary AND secondary power sources both come from the chest)
3. In the resistance house when Cameron examined the bodies she came across the other terminator. When she flipped over the body she didn’t realise the difference in weight. Now a terminator should have a mass of 1 ton (according to T3), but the point is a terminator should weight a lot more than a human body. While she flips over that body she should immediately be able to identify that as a terminator and not needing to engage in that fight.

Well….just some thoughts. Fox TV crew and even the “big-fan” director really haven’t thought this through right?

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