Monthly Archives: November 2007

Cheap flight tickets
Celestial Corporation is now in discussion with a HK local travel agent. If successful deals are made, Celestial could start providing cheap direct flight tickets with Cathay Pacific. These would be particularly attractive to UK students from HK. For more information, please check out this page and contact our members.

Current ticket price deals (subjected to changes) 
5 days           HKD$ 7500
1 month        HKD$ 7500
3 month        HKD$ 9300
6 month        HKD$ 9500
1 year            HKD$ 9900
                                                HKG <-> MAN
                                                3 month        HKD$ 9700

 HKG <-> EDI
 1 month        HKD$ 7500
 3 month        HKD$ 9300
All prices tax included.