I was hoping that my friends could sponser me 5-10 pounds so that I could get my birthday present.
So no more worrying about what to get Jonathan for his birthday! He’s gonna get his own present!

Please my friends. I’ll need your help.

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  1. thanks your CM~~NICE TO MEET U

  2. i could send you HK10 dollars, how that sound?? and why do you have this lock thing on?!?!

  3. 哈哈  其實係無聊low b 姐   可愛係錯覺:p

  4. hey thanks for cm… give you cm too ^.^

  5. whats pretty….? =s the house?

  6. hey, thanks for visiting my xanga la…give u comment =) nice xanga u av here….

  7. omdays I find you on my friend’s xanga o.O

  8. hello… lol..how are u la? ^^

  9. hey~ thnQ 4 the comment~
    i might as well leave u one, cuz im sooo nice lol

  10. 你好你好…XD…
    nice to meet you too mannnn~~~~

  11. cant online…and also no time..

  12. ooo…cool. want to go HK lol =) hope u had a nice day la ^^

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