Upon completion of the Diploma Programme, students receive the IB Diploma, which may increase their chances of obtaining admission to institutions of higher education.

In Canada and the United States, some IBDP courses are recognised as equivalent to university/college-level courses, and universities and colleges may award entering students with first-year credit for high IB exam scores. In this regard it is similar to the Advanced Placement Program.

In the United Kingdom, most universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, accept the IB Diploma as an alternative to A-levels and some universities actively prefer it to A-Levels. UCAS has created a tariff for IB points which will be in use from 2008 university entry onwards. The tariff suggests that a modest score of 30 IB points (419 UCAS points) is roughly equivalent to 3 A-grades at A Level and 1 A-grade at AS Level (420 UCAS points), whereas the maximum score of 45 IB points (768 UCAS points) is roughly equivalent to 6 A-grades at A Level and 1 B-grade at AS Level (770 UCAS points).

The following table gives a perspective between these two extremes of the weighting of the IB Diploma:

IB Diploma Score table: [3].

A Level ResultUCAS Points EquivalentIB Diploma Score

The increasing attention being directed at the IB Diploma by universities has led many private schools to offer it in place of A-levels (due to the perennial national debate over A-level standards), though the political impossibility of placing elements of education policy in the hands of an outside body makes it unlikely that the IB would ever replace UK-based qualifications in the majority of schools; instead, there has been talk of creating an equivalent British baccalaureate programme (see the Welsh Baccalaureate, a much-maligned attempt to replicate the IB within Wales, and the Tomlinson Report, which recommended a new baccalaureate system to replace A-levels).

So I got 5As in equivalent in A-levels. Dun say that IB is not hard!

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  1. it doesn’t matter, if we fail the exam miserably, no one will care if we even got 45……

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