The pool ball cannot spin without angular momentum. Clearly a single axial strike cannot give such angular momentum, and not only did the pool ball has planar angular momentum (turning left and right) it also possesses vertical angular momentum (making it slow down and even roll backwards).

By simple dynamics, this is not physically possible without external forces on the ball other than the single strike. I suspect there are magnets both under the table and in the pool ball. Prove me wrong otherwise.

By simple psychology, if he is so good he should be world champion already.

Conclusion: One or more of the tricks shown is not physically possible without magnets / other means of external forces.


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  1. To count the strike as a single axial strike might be too simple a model. There is a contact time of the ball.
    friction is always acting on the ball, and it is difficult to quantize the direction and magnitude of its effect, I’d be perfectly satisfied if the vedio is not done by trick.
    and anywayz he only uploaded the strikes that are successful…….

  2. Unless he rotates the Q as well, he can only give the ball 2 degrees of freedom maximum ( axial and one angular momentum due to non-normal contact with the ball causing vertical angular momentum) however clearly he wasnt. In many cases he didnt even look at the ball before hitting which further proves my point.

  3. 我有新 blog 喇 ^^ 舊o個個張會delete….得閒去下^^

  4. what I am saying is that the contact is not a straight strike. He could also put in a torque at another direction during the contact time.
    that is why the snooker players use chalk to increase friction.

  5. maybe because our time differs alot that’s why. plus i’m hardly online .. so till then, i will talk to you if i happen to be online! don’t worry dude xD
    wow you actually went to calculate that pool thingy?
    i think the world champion did some very amazing shots as well.

  6. hey sorry just read your second comment. whose sexy? lol i’m not at all!!!

  7. yes, he is =]but he is 24.Lukian

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