Change of plan for next year

ME3 courses:
– Core Courses:
   – Machine System Dynamics
   – Thermofluids
– Optional Engineering Courses:
   – Computational Continuum Mechanics
   – Mathematics
   – Microprocessor
– Elective Courses (Management)
   – Entrepreneurship
   – Finance and Financial Management

No more object oriented programming in C++… thanks to Patrick Leevers. That’s the course I wanted to take the most. See? I hated that guy for a reason!


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  1. thx helpin me so much in my assignment..=]

  2. okkk….things that i dont know. hahai am so baaad in mechanics. lolanywaaay i’m gonna work my ass off in that becos it’s in my maths course…xx Miia

  3. Haha~~ Y TANK U ~ 😛 mwah* 

  4. u jus forgot we argued on msn dat time? =-=. . .tho….

  5. how can i not leave a message after your last comment… wwlukian

  6. Hey~
    thX for visiting mah xanga.. :)U knw Winnie??

  7. Did ya???
    How come i dun rmb it??Wut’s ur username?

  8. LOL , yeah he knows me!! hes SINGLE HINT HINT* upstairs!! hehe~ isf u r single go LOOk for a girl lah ! many lah u !

  9. XDDDD 咁我又路過返你

  10. 應該唔係既XDDD…

  11. 我係Bristol讀書的…. 你呢?

  12. 你係咪Imperial呢…? xDD”
    哈哈哈….係囉!! 你搞到我個XG好鬼嗅呀

  13. 我唔係High School架….哈哈哈!!
    我係Uni啦….我住Private accommadation丫嘛….所以唔會Block的

  14. wei wei,, tell me when u can come into my blog =) haha

  15. without stoping java!

  16. got bak yesterday=>york feels like home to me~xx Miia

  17. LOL wut was that *hint hint* for huh Miss W Choi?!?! msn is ………………………………………….

    Check ur message inbox haha…:)

  18. thx for leavin’ a comment r..whtz the name of yr ex rr?? see if i know her or not haha

  19. 我就試下

  20. 我就試下

  21. actually. it is wishing everyone a happy new yearlukian

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