Today’s revision progress: delta x
ever so slightly greater than 0.
haha what if i fail this retake again.. gosh…i shouldn’t even be thinking about it!


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  1. Chau, ur comment has been deleted as u asked me to~haha the plz leave me another 50 propz here~~ =P

  2. yep.. =].. i recieved it.. thanks.. ehehe… what is your whole phone # anyways.. cuz when i saw your msg,, there is a + from the beginning so i’m not so sure

  3. hrmmm what about the # that you just text me ???…
    And to your Q.. i dont have the answer cuz i dont know.. lolz…we need to talk more before things could change…. and to be honest i’ve been to a long distance relationship before… it’s not something that i want to go through again so i dont know Jonathan!!!

  4. The # that i saww it was pretty long but totally different with the # that you just gave me.. and i deleted the old one so i dont remember… i will tell you some other times what happened whenever we chat on should go to bed now mister.. =]

  5. ahahha i will let you know when I’m going on msn.. =]..Sweetdream gorgeous !!! =]

  6. ahahhaha.. that was very sweet of you.. lol..

  7. I did cuz I dont want those to be seen by others.. that’s why…you have a problem with that ?

  8. I could do that ???.. wow.. haven’t use xanga for soo long and never knew they changed soo much.. thanks.. =]

  9. omg.. i hope it’s working!!!!!


  11. hahah.. yep.. i was still sleeping when you sent me that message on xanga..lolz. wellz.. have a nice day!!!

  12. nope don’t believe it..hhahha.. what do you do anyways??

  13. ahahah.. it’s all good.. lolz.. dont worry about’re working and writing me comments at the same time????? wow..

  14. 我on左line la!!但你忙碌中~

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