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OK…today’s thermo paper. It’s not the paper we did in June. It’s something Crofton describes as “pitifully easy”. If it was the actual paper i did in June i would hv got at least a C. Now that there’s a 20% discount (thanks to mech eng’s excellent policy) i’m not so sure what grade i’d get this time. Hopefully it’s gonna be a pass.

Mechatronics…I’m even less confident!

lol Japan! gone!! =)

Tomorrow is the time. Exam (retake, version 2, etc) if i screw this up then i’m reli screwed (sorry about the swearing) although i haven’t been doing much revision haha but i think i’ve done enough la! News came through that we’re gonna sit the same paper as in June. i can still remember some and now revising those topics!!

Good luck to myself and those who hv to retake.

Today’s revision progress: delta x
ever so slightly greater than 0.
haha what if i fail this retake again.. gosh…i shouldn’t even be thinking about it!

身在英國, 有事手電, 無事留言

各位狗公, 唔該唔好再係我xanga度識女仔!

呀女間一蚊鋪開左….其實即係用一蚊, 係一個岩岩開既商場度, 租到個鋪位, 咁你用黎做咩都得既…佢就租黎搵fd上去玩…我租唔到…上次漫畫節d貨都唔知點算好…唉…ebay…邊有咁多人買呀講真…

出左camp啦, 不過都可以打我手提既~~
星期日早機過London retake, 9月3號返黎
到時會好得閒, 暑假仲未見我既朋友, 9月3號以後既日子, 盡量空出黎見下我啦~


入camp冇msn, 有事打俾我