F = d(mv)dt
r x F = r x d(mv)/dt
        = d(r x mv)/dt

Mo = d/dt[r x mv + sigma (Ri x mi dRi/dt)]

motion of a point / rigid body :


而家我既status係: 喪背 solid mechanics 既derivation中

我發覺原來對住呢d野太耐, 係真係會有想嘔既感覺既…



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  1. i dont get it……..

  2. Hi 🙂 It’s Michaela.Is that physics I see above?!?!?!Nice to meet you by the way :)xoxoxo

  3. add oil ah !!
    i m sure u can do it

  4. 哈哈哈呢次真係作嘔XDanyway多謝你咁長既comment lolanyway我識諗架喇,其實我今朝訓醒左已經好好多呵呵算罷啦努力讀書仲好lol

  5. o.O

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