Monthly Archives: May 2006

You have no idea how angry I am now. If you dun wanna be my friend, that’s fine. So be it.

哈哈~ 岩岩做左一個好無聊既test, 呢個係結果:

Hark – the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightning falls from the sky!
SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is
revealed to be:

Eros – God of Love.
As a devotee of this long-neglected virtue, you are a committed
romantic. You prefer to savour the joys of seduction before you step
into the bedroom. This quality makes you incredibly attractive to
women, who seem to melt in your presence. They sense your strong
character and respect your ideals. They dream of stealing you away and
making dreamy love to you all day long. Not to say you wouldn’t be
happy to oblige, but you want to make sure that there’s some emotional
or intellectual compatibility between you and your partner to carry the
relationship along. By the time you are ready to show them your godly
performance, they’re hooked. You take sex seriously and show your lucky
woman a passion that has only existed in her wildest dreams. You are
probably an emotionally expressive and sensitive person whose pleasure
comes from pleasing others. Your chivalrous ways have probably earned
you a following of fans and a trail of satisfied mortals in your wake.

尋晚係我成世人最激氣但又最無奈既一日….好多人話係cafe de paris見到我….個個都唔同我打個招呼既!! 都唔當人係fd既…係fd既見到都會打個招呼啦!

如果有個fd, 打死佢佢會唔肯聽你電話, 係club明明見到你都唔會叫你同你打招呼, 仲要係咁係間club入面同你send msg話見到你, 到底… 你會有幾嬲呢? 我就勁嬲啦…..


哈哈!!! 巴士呀叔條片個四眼仔仲返而俾人寸到死添而家…. 真搞笑!!


哈哈, 等我同大家點算一下今日既收獲啦!! (順住買既次序)

1. French Connection 襯衫      £ 15
2. Timberland Boot                  £ 45
3. Timberland 布褲               
£ 17
4. Calvin Klein Boxers x2 @ 
£ 10 =  £20
£ 97

Transport : £ 10.75 (Train ticket) + £ 3 (tube)
Food :
£ 4.19 Breakfast + £ 2.90 (hotdog lunch) + £ 1.95 (mango juice)
Total :


終於睇哂電車男啦~~~~ 好正!!
呢幾日既生活就係咁無聊架啦….. 今日同班中國仔上去oxford行街, 睇下有冇咩平野買啦!!

哈哈~~ 而家考完試終於開始睇返之前download左既電車男, 對於我呢d又單身又成日上網既男仔黎講, 佢真係俾到我一線希望! 不過, 好不幸地, 電車男總共12集 (如果加埋第2結局既話, 有13集), 我而家先睇到第5集…. 今晚好可能都冇辦法完成架啦!! 係都要留返聽日先架啦!

終於考哂試啦~~~ 大解放啦!!
有咩做好呢真係… 哈哈~