We thought we might not even hv a store after getting a lot of toys from wholesale…lol it’s still at a very early stage and there’s a lot of vacancy in X-Zone! Now that we’ve got our store secured, we have green lights to go head on.

$200-$250 per day, 9 hours per day plus one extra free hour lunch. Breaks in between and free entry to Comics Festival 2006 on working day. Is that attractive enough ah? I dunno…YMCA offers 9 hr days but only $210…and during lunch u still hv to work tim! i think it’s alright la yeah? Sori, girls only. It’s not discrimination. just that girls are more…approachable when it comes to sales…hard to approach a guy to buy disney yeah?

lol it’s quite early now~~ just to call Amy~~ it’s quite cool~~ ^^ although it’s kinda….difficult to wake up that early~~~ ^^ Cardin i kept my promise of taking care of ur sister la!~~ =)


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  1. thought i would drop a comment =]

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