going to Maxwise today with jimmy. checking out the toys wholesale thing again. lol Cardin is very interested wor…XD not gonna make much money ga la (if we are making any) but she sounds kinda excited. Very connected to the Yan’s family la!! Amy and her sister. lol wish i’m even more connected than now! =P

Amy’s off to London today, but i’m not there! Sori Cardin…can’t keep my promise there…and sori Amy…wrong calculations again….accidentally woke her up AGAIN! shit… I’m getting attached!! lol yeah…

This guy from UK who is related to Jessica…stop contacting me!!! i did not call her or find her on msn or even looked at her xanga!!!!! stop annoying me!! u go check with her and see if i did annoy her!! u stop bothering me, or else there would be consequences! stupid asshole just keeps repeating the same line over and over again. This is really annoying!


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  1. 無計la .我地樣衰ar ma .  

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