The weekend has been nothing more than a nightmare..well if nightmares happened on saturday, I saw reality this weekend. I had my worst weekend ever in my life. got cheated by a girl three times. I’ve done everything a guy would hv done (by all means all roles) I would not want to talk about this furthermore since this will bring nothing more than despair and frustration.

I just hope that I do not meet anyone like this anymore. This is reli bad for mental health since she is (well was. i’m not attached anymore. i got over it) like the most horrible person i’ve ever met… i wouldn’t cheat on a friend 3 times. how could u treat a friend’s house as B&B? like u find a place to stay and u leave? no place to stay and u come here and do nothing more than 5 hrs of computer?

I hv no social life? is that so? at least my social life is not a messed up one. if this messed up life is a social life, i’d rather not have one. plus, sticking around with the computer for 5-6 hours every night talking to people whom u barely know…how social is that? yeah VERY!

anyway I’ve made up my mind and there’s hardly anything which can change my mind. i know what kind of girls i’m looking for, and i know how a friend should be treated. clearly i’ve been used as nothing more than a tool to get to London.

All human beings learn from their mistakes, and I am one of them.

Good night, good luck, and goodbye.

Dun try to start an argument with me. u will not win. so if u dun want anyone to know u should not tell anyone abt what happened when u’re in London. Although i’m not so impressed by the way I was treated, being a gentleman I will keep secrets as they are meant to be.

By the way do not try to blame me for any trouble the school got u into this time. To be fair I did ask u what is the proper way to come to London. u were the one who came up with the whole idea and i was merely following what u said.


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