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Toys costs: HKD $3780
Rent 5 days: HKD $3500
Total > HKD $7000

We are definitely doing a sequel in Comes Festival 2006. 桃花依舊,人面全非
Let’s hope we’re gonna have a good time with our new partner Cardin. She seems quite interested so far, which is good. All shareholders are meeting next week. Let’s see if there are new sparks coming up.

Amy, there’s a private post for you. Login then read it from my xanga site.


going to Maxwise today with jimmy. checking out the toys wholesale thing again. lol Cardin is very interested wor…XD not gonna make much money ga la (if we are making any) but she sounds kinda excited. Very connected to the Yan’s family la!! Amy and her sister. lol wish i’m even more connected than now! =P

Amy’s off to London today, but i’m not there! Sori Cardin…can’t keep my promise there…and sori Amy…wrong calculations again….accidentally woke her up AGAIN! shit… I’m getting attached!! lol yeah…

This guy from UK who is related to Jessica…stop contacting me!!! i did not call her or find her on msn or even looked at her xanga!!!!! stop annoying me!! u go check with her and see if i did annoy her!! u stop bothering me, or else there would be consequences! stupid asshole just keeps repeating the same line over and over again. This is really annoying!

Although i’m in HK now, I’m reli missing u like hell…looking forward so much to coming back after the holiday so that I can see you!!!

went for dinner with Cardin last night. spent like 10-15 minutes to figure out how to pronounce her name properly! XD had dinner at Lime (Craig’s place) yeah nice place to hv dinner and a chat la~~ talked about a lot of stuff as well~ she has quite an interesting life. yeah..i wish i have more time for stuff like that! oh we talked about Amy too! so good to know that much about her now! lol went to buy some China DVD and CDs (like those “legal” versions leh) and Cardin found a lot of her favourites and spent like $200…reli a shopaholic! lol yeah but it’s cool to me. girls ma! lol =)

This is for that guy who keeps calling me at ridiculous times (like 6:30am GMT +8). As promised, i will write this statement to make sure there is something to trace back or something. OK i made my promise here. Please keep urs of not bothering me ever again.



This is to declare that I, Jonathan Tam, am no longer related to individual Christy Cheng in any way from this minute onwards. This would mean cease of all forms of communication including MSN messenger, phone calls, text messaging and Xanga comments/e-props. This also implies no further communication with any of her first degree friends from her school.

Please keep this declaration as a physical evidence of the agreement I made eariler on. By accepting the agreement that would mean I should not be receiving phone calls from any indivuals who are, directly or indirectly, related to such individual mentioned above. If the agreement is not kept and I receive any further phone calls in the future, appropriate measures will be taken.

Thank you for your attention and co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Tam

no ne wanna go to sham shui po with me..i’ll go alone then.

Hell no i ain’t gonna record that stupid thing in Yew Chung.

fucking hell….scared the shit out of me

by the way was that you?

yeah…they are excuses. I dun believe them. In less than a day i dun think u can tell much lor. But in 4 days I can tell pretty much that u used me lor. Stop trying to make more excuses and hurt me even more.

Back in HK. People my number is still the same. Changed onto phone card though (awfully expensive). call me if u guys wanna meet up or something.


Stop calling me at ridiculous times you bitch! i know what you’re trying to do! My life goes on as usual. Your call makes no difference to me. It just annoys me day after day.

Story not true eh? Well…criminals never admit their crimes either. I’m not bothered. Whatever you told your friends, I don’t care. No matter how you try avoiding your shame in London, it happened and a lot of people still know even I didn’t tell them.

Afterall, we don’t get that many sluts in London and even in the world. The world is still a nice and pretty place to live with or without you.