OK…..i realise that there are a lot of HK people from IC who has my xanga, so i guess this is probably the right and the only place to say something…

i know there are reasons for you guys not to like me or even hate me, but i just dunno why. if you feel i’ve pissed you off or something just come tell me. i wouldn’t mind. but please…at least let me join you people again…perhaps there are simply misunderstandings or something…

i’m sorry for pissing you off before..sigh..


Posted on February 19, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Hey dont thinking to much my friend, u still have us (yc friends) right, we will never never give u up. We will stay be side you and support you.Dont worrie too much, I will pray for you. Take care la, see you in summer and lets drink, sing k seee u and take care

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