I got an A for my Maths progress test! and possibly for Thermofluids as well! real cool!

The basement crew went out in search for the whale in the Thames. All we see is this really:


Fun eh? Not really

I got to know new friends! I am really grateful for knowing you! (if those who I got to know these few days are reading it!) I’m really looking forward into meeting you in person! 🙂


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  1. well done for ur maths progress test~*~*~loland…very cool pix~*~*~hahaha~*~*~^^well…am i your new friend?!~*~*^^xxx LokMan xxx

  2. ha~*~*eveything is ok now~*~*thxxxx~*~*~xxx LokMan xxx

  3. Y suddenly wanna know so many ppl den????

  4. Dear all ppl in uk:
    Karaoke PartyDate: 13th Feb, 06 MondayTime: 11:00pm til 4:00amVenue: Royal Dragon Restaurant, China TownPrice: 25 pounds or $350HKD each (including buffet dinner and non-alcoholic drinks) 
    The every 4th ticket u buy gets 10% off!!!
    Hurry up and call:
    Carmen:  07775963038          01883654287         01883654044Ethel : 07901705164
    or e-mail to : sendtosixsix@hotmail.com
    leave me a msg would do as well!!!reply me to my xanga ..plzzzzzzzzzz

  5. woo dont worry ar ..there will someone older than u ar …so dont worry ar …so are u interest ar …if yes ar ….phone me or reply me asap a r……if no  u still can reply me ar …coz i am not that mean ar

  6. sorry ar …i am not upper sixth ar ..i only lower sixth ja  ar …haaahaa…anyway …r u coming ar …come with ur fd la ar …plzzzzzzzzzz …..it will be cost cheaper  ar ….yes ar …i cant online ar ….coz the school dont allow ar ….that y i wont online until half term ar …..any plzzzz do come ar …and also do u mind give me ur phone number ar ..so i can phone u to explain more detail ar …thx alot ar ……….

  7. 新年快樂~~~~!!!!

  8. 珧ㄛMaths A
    斕華莮d蜄? Laplace? Fourier? ODE? Vector Calculus?

  9. come with ur fd ar …..it is going to be fun fun ar ……so r u coming sin ar ….i wish u and ur fd coming as well ar …many as u can ar ..i dont mind a r….if u r coming ….can i have ur phone number as well ar ….even not coming can i still have ur phone number ar ….coz we are fd ar ma …right ar …..anyway ….hope u can reply me asap that u coming or not and also ur fd la ……

  10. hihi….
    who are you?
    you come to my XANGA…….

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