hmm….really long time without updating this thing….bloody thing


No more applied maths for the rest of my life (it now officially becomes solid mechanics)

6 progress tests in 2 weeks? have fun with that jon.

now that I can really cook chinese food the british hall people can really shut up and have some of my real chinese food.

hmm hmm…anyone wanna try? any lab rats around people?


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  1. lol….i want to use MSN too,,,but my sku block it,,so yea,,,i can only use xanga ,,,,poor me =[[[*

  2. haa.,,,XDDDD

  3. chat in here is fine la,,=]]*

  4. yea here u go~*~*~*loli wanna try~*~*well…if i  have a chance~*~*hahaha??xxx LokMan xxx

  5. nice to meet u*
    thanks ur sim card*v*

  6. um… i know u??

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