Monthly Archives: January 2006

I got an A for my Maths progress test! and possibly for Thermofluids as well! real cool!

The basement crew went out in search for the whale in the Thames. All we see is this really:


Fun eh? Not really

I got to know new friends! I am really grateful for knowing you! (if those who I got to know these few days are reading it!) I’m really looking forward into meeting you in person! 🙂

hmm….really long time without updating this thing….bloody thing


No more applied maths for the rest of my life (it now officially becomes solid mechanics)

6 progress tests in 2 weeks? have fun with that jon.

now that I can really cook chinese food the british hall people can really shut up and have some of my real chinese food.

hmm hmm…anyone wanna try? any lab rats around people?