Monthly Archives: January 2005

haven’t been writing for quite some time…

hey, the girl I love, are you reading this? I know there might be not-so-happy things happened to you, and therefore you’re just not willing to accept me as your lover. Please don’t let your past affect your present…or maybe you don’t love me at all…

God…juz saw this figure yesterday…Cinemaquette figure…with such great details! Every single hair is hand-planted onto the figure, and with silicon-plastic! So that it doesn’t feel that hard when you touch it. Shit!…I wish I can buy them all! Those two endoskeletons are both made of metals! weighs more than 20lb!

 This is a figure! can you believe that?

 Made of metal…my god…

 This one even lights up!


new timetable! juz had 3 more chinese lessons lor!! hurray! but the new econ teacher Browne asked mr. ip and he said currently I cannot attend econ lor…a bit upset…

Top 25% in Canadian math contest! Thanks JLau! I shall tell him on Friday lor!

Nth much to do today…But the school (Rev. Yan in fact) wants me to find  some sort of volunteering work to do. Any ideas folks? Post me an e-prop if you find any.

First day of school. The timetable looks awful lor! All the standard level subjects are cut, and there are only HL lessons left. Too bad lor…can’t even have lunch with you guys lor! Anyway…I’ll try to live up with it and see if there’s any possibility of changing the current situation into a slightly better state la!

Leanne, I’ll bring you the chocolate tomorrow. You know, the weather is so cold these days, chocolate won’t melt and I don’t even have to put it into the fridge la! No worries!

Finally……..I AM STAYING! Thanks so much for all of your support all these time! See ya on thursday!