Monthly Archives: December 2003

They gave me some kind of Permium thing. 18 days of trial…Well, let’s enjoy the new skin for 18 days.

I went to Ms. Chu’s wedding!~Congradulations Ms. Chu!

Christmas is over. That’s means it’s time for me and for the others to get working. I can now finally start to do some work.

Going to that World Carnival today with Leanne & Kathy. Let’s hope it’s gonna be fun…

Terminator forever!

Exam’s coming right after holiday, so better study. But I just can’t get on to my feet to start studying…

Trying to add the counter in but somehow it seems not working. Please allow some time for me to fix it. The shortcut is now working. I managed to kill the pop-up window upon loading the page but unable to kill the one upon leaving. It doesn’t really matter does it? By the way, come see my photo album too at

OK, thanks to Yancy and Natalie for informing me about this XANGA thing. Just started in creating webpages without any software so it might take some time for me to get the hang out of it. Apologees for any stupid thing I’ve done here.


Terminator forever. Visit to see any updates on the Terminator 3 Official webpage.